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ACI Intermountain Chapter
2009 Excellence in Concrete Award
Mapleton Mountain Water Tank
This 4 MG rectangular water tank above a protected environment easement required a 120 FT vertical excavation to start the concrete phase of the construction. The concrete, free-standing tank was set at an elevation of 5,250 FT and backfilled to 2 FT above the top of the tank. 

ACI Intermountain Chapter
2016 Excellence in Concrete Award
Spanish Fork Provo Reservoir Canal Pipeline-Orem Reach 1B
The goal of the Orem Reach 1B project was to provide a water pipeline from the Strawberry Reservoir to a concrete structure which included a vault at the mouth of Provo Canyon. The structure gives the Owner the ability to discharge water into the Provo River in order maintain water flows or to send water via the Provo River Aqueduct to various water agencies in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. The concrete structure is built on solid bedrock, with concrete fill below the structure for stability. The structure is partially below grade and partially above grade and has many large pipe penetrations and angles that made concrete construction challenging. The exterior received a brick veneer and stucco finish. The structure allows the owner to supply water that will be a key component to the expansion and growth of Utah in the coming years. 

APWA Utah Chapter
2014 Storm Water Project of the Year
Alpine Watershed Protection Project
Originally this project consisted of installing emergency watershed protection (EWP) measures that included enlarging an irrigation pond; excavating and re-grading drainage channels; installing a box culvert, rip rap, and drainage piping; constructing a concrete flood wall; and installing a permanent silt fence. However, a week after project improvements there was a 100-year storm, resulting in some minor flood-related erosion of private property and identifying deficient areas in the City’s approach to flood control. At Alpine City’s request, Van Con provided valuable suggestions on how to best correct the deficiencies and secure additional funding from the NRCS. As a result, an additional drainage levee lined with rip rap was approved and installed. Unbelievably, a larger, 150-year storm wiped out and severely damaged most of the EWP measures which were previously installed. VanCon’s crews came out in the middle of the night to clear drainage channels of debris and dig emergency detention ponds to help control flood water, remaining on standby through the weekend in case of additional storms. VanCon’s ability to meet tight NRCS requirements, deadlines, and milestones allowed Alpine to secure the funding necessary to install a final and successful storm drain system consisting of 1,850 LF of 36 IN RCP, 865 LF of 48 IN RCP, 500 LF of 60 IN RCP and 141 LF of 84 IN RCP, large inlet/outlet structures, catch basins, a channelizing levee with riprap, seeding, and surface restorations.  

APWA Utah Chapter 2014 Public Works Project of the Year &
​​ACI Intermountain Chapter 2014 Excellence in Concrete Award

Vineyard RDA Lift Station 2
This lift station, awarded to VanCon by the City of Vineyard, received awards from APWA and ACI. The station required the construction of a reinforced, cast-in-place 1,239 SF concrete sewer lift station which was 32 FT deep with a CMU building built on top. Appurtenances consisted of a liquid-applied membrane, equipment installation, 1,100 LF of 36 IN piping, electrical work, pumps, a 275kW Generac 600A ATS generator, a mixer, dewatering, and grating with a large staircase. The VanCon team completed the project successfully despite high ground water requiring engineered dewatering operations and trench stabilization. 

Sandy Summit Award 2013
Public Utilities Contractor of the Year
High Bench Booster Station
Sandy awarded the contract to VanCon to construct a 43 x 40 FT pump station building, complete with welded steel manifolds, three 350 HP vertical turbine pumps, site improvements, installation and discharge piping, sewer, storm drain, electrical equipment, grating, stairs, and landscaping. The completed project received the Sandy Summit Award of 2013.