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800 North Aqueduct Extension
For the aqueduct extension in Vineyard, VanCon installed a new pipeline requiring 70,000 CY of pipe excavation. The pipeline included 10,000 LF of 48 IN and 100 LF of 36 IN pressurized welded steel culinary waterline, 16 IN ductile iron pipe, and 500 FT of 12 IN fusible PVC pipe. All lines were set to grade using laser. Also installed were parallel buried conduit and pull-boxes for future fiber-optic lines and a cathodic protection system. The project called for seven concrete cast-in-place hydraulic vaults with water stops and large diameter pipeline penetrations. The Vineyard Rocky Mountain Power Turnout Valve vault was 24 x 23.5 x 13.5 FT, the Flow Control Valve and Vineyard Turnout Valve vault was 41 x 34 x 22 FT, and the five Air Release Valve Airvac vaults were 11 x 8 x 12 FT. Valves installed included a 24 IN plunger valve, a 36 IN butterfly valve, and valve actuators. All structures were hydraulic-tested. The project concluded with the installation of lighting, ventilation, new electrical service connections, backfill, site grading and surface restoration.
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